Best Home Technology in 2021

Are you itching to add some fun energy-saving technology to your home? Then here is our very best tech for the home in 2021; if you need help with cleaning or saving some energy, then these are the best bits of technology you can buy and install in your home right now, in our opinion.

Smart Thermostat – 

Get smart with an intelligent thermostat. Using a multitude of apps, you can regulate the heat of your home more accurately and thus should be able to reduce your energy consumption at the same time. 

Solar Panels- 

That ball in the sky has an estimated expiry date of 10,000,000,000 years. That’s 10 Billion Years! If that’s not long enough for you, book a trip on one of the new rockets into space and find another solar system. Solar panels are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and these products can help with your energy needs or produce hot water. 

Home Insulation – 

Order yourself some extra thick insulation and place it in your loft for quick and easy energy savings. You may also want to explore other technologies like wall cavity insulation or have an energy survey to establish the problem areas in your home. 

Air Source Heat Pump – 

Using a reserved fridge technology by drawing in warm air and converting it into heating for your central heating system. This system does not use gas and is highly energy efficient using a combination of evaporation, compression and condensation. 

Smart meter – 

Again this is to try and reduce your energy in the home. Your energy supplier should install a smart meter to give you real-time data on what you are using. This device could allow you to turn off lights or appliances that are eating up lots of electricity. 

Security Cameras – 

Who doesn’t want to feel safe in their homes? Then we think an intelligent home video security system is one of the best things you can install. Protecting your possessions from those thieves or just spying on the local wildlife, those foxes & squirrels might put on a great show.  

Robot Vacuum Cleaners – 

The robot slaves are here to vacuum & clean your home, and the best thing is they work without moaning about doing their job. Until you get a dirty drop sensor or they get stuck in the corner of a room. They are excellent at keeping the dust at bay, and you will be amazed at what they pick up on what looks like a clean floor. They also work for FREE, so no need to give your kids pocket money or a cleaner for hovering in the front room so they will pay for themselves in no time. 

Video Door Bells – 

Ring, Google & Eufy 

The video doorbells are one of the most valuable bits of tech we have seen in recent years, and when Amazon bought Ring, the Video doorbells were destined to go mainstream. Instead, they are activated by simply approaching the front door, and you shouldn’t miss another delivery again—such a perfect device for those online shopping addicts who are slow at answering the door. 

Smart Home Speaker with Assistants 

The two main home speaker assistants are Google Home and Alexa from Amazon. They both work similarly and can assist with several tasks in the home with simple voice commands. 

They can help with controlling the temperature, turning on and off lights and answering your video doorbell. If you have not yet ventured down the virtual assistant route, choosing the right ecosystem is essential. 

Air Purifiers – 

Air purifiers are generally quiet, compact and effective at clearing your air of any pollen, pollutants or dust. If you suffer from hay fever or pets allergies, they can reduce symptoms at night while you sleep. In addition, air purifiers are beneficial if you suffer from several allergies. 

If you find yourself waking up with irritations and a dry throat, you need to invest in one of these. The appliances are convenient and can also filter out any pet odours and even airborne viruses, which is very important with Covid-19, so they’re helpful in more ways than one. 

Some air purifiers claim to protect against COVID-19 coronavirus by catching particles that could carry the virus. Seeing and reducing viruses is also helpful for several airborne particles during flu season during the winter months. This is why air purifiers have been super popular since the start of the pandemic. 

Thermal leak detector – 

Using a thermal leak detector will assist you to detect heating leaks and enable you to fix the insulation in your home. These clever devices are an efficient means to monitor your property, windows and other vulnerable insulation areas. 

You should be able to save up to 20% on your heating by improving the insulation in your house. Insulation is simply the best way to reduce energy use and reduce CO2 emissions. You will be stunned at the number of leaks in your home with this innovative gadget.

Reusable dryer ball –

Drying balls soften your clothes and, at the same time, reduce the drying time by 25 per cent with these reusable dryer balls. The balls will save you time and money every time you use them, and they are a natural way to maintain the softness of your fabric. 

Add Dryer balls to your tumble dryer along with your clothes while your machine spins. They work by separating the clothes. This technique allows air to flow freely, helping to dry faster. Dryer balls are made from recycled plastic and are safe to use with all types of materials.

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