Second Homes Boom Continues

Boom in demand for second homes as the residential housing market returns to ‘normal’ levels The number of homeowners buying a second home – a trend that started in 2020 with the first lockdown – is set to continue even though the housing market is settling down after a busy summer.

Best ways to reduce your Everyday Energy Consumption

The climate summit is about to start in Glasgow on 31st October 2021. The evidence is that we live in the midst of a climate crisis and are at the monumental crossroads for humanity. This coming decade will shape human life for hundreds, maybe thousands of years to come and affect our children, grandchildren and future generations. This practical guide will highlight the best things we can do to reduce our environmental impact at home.

Essential Items for Moving to A New House

When you're moving house, you tend to focus on getting the larger, more obvious things into your new home, like the sofa, beds and that fifty-inch LED telly you treated yourself to last year. But it’s often the smaller things that really can make your first night, or even the first few days, in your new home easy and stress-free. Whilst you might well need that sofa and telly on your first night,...

10 Top Tips for Moving to a New Area

Moving home is incredibly exciting. But it can also be immensely stressful, with even the best-laid plans being frustrated by circumstances. It can be hard enough when you're just moving locally, but if you're relocating to somewhere far away and unfamiliar the pressures can feel huge.If you're moving to a new area then obviously there is going to be a lot more to get used to than just the new home itself,...

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