The 25 Best tips for preparing your Home for Viewings

We have compiled this list to give you our best tips on maximising the potential of selling your home quickly and for the best price.
We generally suggest doing your own viewings as this saves time and money, plus you know your property better than anyone else. So this list will help and could be the difference between getting a sold sign up or not.
  • Tidy Tidy Tidy – if you are lacking in space, use crates and store in loft garages or best of all, get some temporary storage locally at a self-storage depot. This will ensure the property is clutter free and will fell its very best in terms of light and space. 
  • Bathroom – Polish the bathroom – This seems obvious, but we have seen some awful bathrooms over the years. Mouldy, damp smelling bath mats will not be a selling point, so give them a boil wash and tidy them away. 
  • Flowers – Buy some flowers; freshly cut flowers are not that expensive these days. Call a local florist to design you a stunning bouquet or supermarkets like Waitrose and Marks & Spencers also have a great selection, or alternatively go to the discount supermarkets like Lidl or Aldi, which means you can brighten up your home any time of the year for just a few pounds. 
  • Dust – centimetres of dust around the home is not only discussing it’s going to put potential purchasers off buying your property. Even if you don’t live there yourself, take some time or employ a professional deep clean to maximise the potential of your home. 
  • Fresh Coffee – Put a pot of freshly ground coffee on just before the viewing; the smell of coffee is universally used to give that warm homely feel with that extra sensory dimension. Ideally, a Cafetiere left on the side to fill the kitchen with a gourmet coffee smell or a short sharp espresso from a coffee machine. As a last resort, get out the 80’s freeze-dried stuff but ideally not. 
  • The Tour – After giving them an extensive tour, let them explore independently – we definitely advise a tour around to explain and show your property. Still, we would also suggest giving them some solo time to have a nose around without you by their sides. Sit down in your kitchen or lounge and let me go for a wonder. 
  • Windows – Get the window cleaner over and clean the insides. Mouldy, dirty, dusty windows are a no-no. Get your local window cleaners around and get as much light into your home as possible. If you live in a high-rise building, ask the building management if you could ask for the windows to be cleaned. This might not be possible, but it has very little chance if you don’t even ask.
  • Kids Toys – Tidy away as many kids toys as possible. We love kids, but the toys they have taken over some rooms or entire homes. Tidy away as much as possible into cupboards or garages. This also might be a great time to sort through and see what toys the kids still play with. We would suggest donating them to a local charity or, if you need the cash, sell them online but this time might be better spent as you are unlikely to get much for second-hand toys.
  • Front-Drive – If you are lucky enough to have a front-drive, please remove your car if possible. This really might not be possible, but removing your vehicle from the drive will allow the potential buyers to visualise their own vehicle on the drive or, best of all, let them park on the front drive. 
  • Bins – Remove wheelie bins if possible; they are unsightly and smell! It’s very Simple get rid of them. Again this isn’t always possible, and some councils give everyone two or three bins and make the street look ugly. Not much you can do about that, I am afraid. 
  • Litter – This won’t be for everyone. Still, we would suggest getting some gloves on and a rubbish bag and take a 10-minute walk up and down your road or housing development to pick all those discarded Red Bull cans and Cigarette packets. Litter pick down your road is again unsightly and will not give off the best impression of the area. 
  • Curb Appeal – Lets get straight to the point first impressions last the longest. If your front garden is full of weeds, Litter, cigarette ends, it will not be appealing to anyone. Plants in the front garden are ideal for giving the best impression. 
  • Patio – Jet Wash the garden patio. If you are lucky and you have a garden, and a patio, get a jet wash from a local DIY shop and give it a blast of clean water and soap to provide the space with a new lease of life. 
  • Grass – Cut the grass so it looks clean and tidy. Ideally, you have a lawnmower that collects the grass, and you can then leave it looking perfect. 
  • Professional Carpet Clean – Deep clean the carpets with a professional clean. This will remove any smells that have built over the years, you may not smell it, but every house has its own distinct scent that might not be agreeable to the potential purchasers.
  • Fresh Air – nothing is better than fresh Air this is also important due to Covid-19, so keep the windows open for 20 mins before the viewing in the winter months and maybe leave them open entirely in spring-summer to give a nice fresh air mixed with the coffee aroma totally inviting and homely. 
  • Dolls – this is a totally personal preference, but we would suggest removing any dolls. They might be delightfully sweet to you, but they are often used in horror films, so they have a bad reputation, so they could be distracting and scary. 
  • Pets – if you are a pet lover, that’s great, but not everyone is, especially the smells they produce, so maybe drop them off with a friend or a relative and make sure if you can’t the dog or cats are on best behaviour. Also, make sure you clean up any mess in the gardens they may have left the guests.
  • House Proud – Be proud of your home. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you love it, that will be exuded in your behaviour. Tell them about a few family stories, parties and the fun barbecues you had and how friendly the neighbours are! If they aren’t, maybe don’t mention it! But don’t bore them to tears at the same time. 
  • Have Fun – it is actually quite fun showing off your home, so get that inner Estate Agent out and sell sell sell. But not too much, less is more and might put people off a second viewing if you are too pushy.  

We wish you all the best and massive good luck with your home sale 

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